Taken by Grace Gruwell in Big Sur, CA

Photo by Louie Abellera


In the summer of 2014, my grandma wrote me an email that read:

"You are the artist with the camera. Good eye, Courtney."

One year earlier, I remember sitting around the kitchen table with my grandma, holding my first Canon DSLR while she talked about the importance of having a good eye. “Look for the light,” she told me. We spent that afternoon chasing light and lines, taking portraits and eating birthday cake (she had turned 78 that day). Thanks to my grandma’s constant encouragement and artistic insight, I have been looking for the light ever since. Taking photos + making films are great loves of mine. I hope you see that if you choose to work with me. 



Melanie + Andrew

It is hard to put into words what a true talent Courtney is. She photographed my engagement, boudoir, and wedding photos over a 6-month timeline. At every shoot, she made me feel comfortable, kept me laughing, and worked tirelessly to make sure she got the shots she was looking for. At the Chicago shoots, she came over to my home, and for my wedding, she flew down to Florida with my family. Courtney's personality is sweet, humble, easygoing, and diligent -- she is a delight to be around! And then, her photos! Oh, her photos. A few words that come to mind: gorgeous, light-filled, emotional, REAL. After every shoot, I'd wait with anticipation to see the finished product, and three times out of three times, I was completely in awe of her work.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 10.30.18 AM.png

Kate + Jeff

I have known Courtney since middle school, and once I saw what a talented videographer she was, I knew I wanted her to film our wedding. I had seen other videos she had done, and her style perfectly aligned with what I envisioned for our wedding video. Courtney is very professional and very responsive. She was always there to answer any questions we had, and was just overall very easy to work with. She worked wonderfully alongside our photographer as well. When we received the full video, I knew it would be incredible, but I could have never imagined just how perfect it is.


Ali + Brent

Courtney did photography for our wedding and did an incredible job. She made us feel so comfortable during pictures and was so accommodating to any request. From individual couple shots, wedding party and family pictures (I have a MASSIVE FAMILY and pictures went so smoothly) to capturing the ceremony and reception, Courtney went above and beyond to meet our desires. She truly is so talented and wonderful to work with. She also packaged our prints in such a beautiful and special way. I'm grateful for how she captured our special day.